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Nature and Purpose of Business
Social Responsibility and Business Ethics


  • Nature and Purpose of Business
  • Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
  • Structure of Business
  • E-Commerce and outsourcing of services
  • Service Sector and Business
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Communication and ware housing
  • Sloe proprietorship and joint Hindu Family
  • Partnership and Cooperative Society Company
  • Choice of Form of business Enterprise and Starting a Business
  • Sectoral Organization of Business
  • Formation of a Company
  • Sources of Business Finance
  • Internal Trade
  • Retail Organizations
  • External Trade
  • Export Import Procedures


  • Concept of Growth and Development
  • Indicators of Development
  • Indian Economy at the time of Independence
  • Occupational Structure and Contribution to national Income
  • The State of Infrastructure in India
  • Development Strategies in India
  • Planning in India: Meaning and Objective
  • Main Features of Economics Policies till 1991
  • Achievements and failure of Planning in India
  • New Economics Policy: Head and Feature
  • Population Growth in India
  • Unemployment poverty and Inequalities of economics
  • Infrastructures Challenges ahead
  • Emerging issues: Environment, Gender & Migration
  • Meaning, Scope and importance of Statistics economics
  • Source of Data
  • Collection of Primary Data: Census & Sampling Method
  • Frequency Distribution
  • Tables
  • Diagrams
  • Arithmetic Mean
  • Median and Mode
  • Partition Values: Quartiles
  • Measures of Dispersion
  • Correlation
  • Index Number